Brochures and Flyers

When we talk about brochures we are applying an umbrella term that embraces others: flyers, leaflets and trifold brochures. We will stop at each of them, but before that we would like to devote some words to brochures in general. This advertising devise is broadly used by all committed companies, given that brochures are an excellent advertising tool because a big amount of information can be compiled in them. Brochures often include a list of products and services of a company – as a catalogue-, or new products or special offers.

Besides, brochures generally include a summary of the company’s activities, values and conception of client. Certainly, every brochure bears the corresponding contact information.

The design done by professionals is of the utmost importance , given that a brochure, through its graphic quality (typographies, colours, lines, images and text layout) reveals the quality of the company. It is also indispensable, in order to save time and money, to make a good brochure printout in a good quality paper, and it is important as well to choose the proper coating, cut and fold styles. The quality of the material and printing is also taken into account by the public when it comes to building up an idea of the company. Besides, only the best brochures will be kept by consumers.

When we talk about brochures we make reference to three types of graphic pieces: flyers, leaflets and trifold brochures. Although they belong to the same family, each one has a shape, size and rule of design of its own. Now, you will be able to know more about the features of flyers, leaflets and trifold brochures. Given their differences and their complementary nature, it is always advisable to resort to the three types of brochures in order to have an impressive advertising campaign. Generally, a massive campaign with attractive brochures can be coupled with the creation of top quality leaflets or trifold brochures to be distributed among an elite public. The impact of this type of advertising campaign entails really positive results, given that it helps the company consolidate, giving it an aura of professionalism.